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Catalyst Private Investigations, LLC is a fully licensed private investigation firm out to tackle insurance fraud, computer and cell phone forensics, and domestic related cases such as cheating spouses and child custody. Catalyst Private Investigations has a full staff of highly trained investigators and to deliver the highest degree of results for your investigation needs in Louisiana and Mississippi.

The Coalition against Insurance fraud reports that about 80 Billion dollars is paid out each year in false insurance claims, which is costing the average household about $950.00 in yearly premiums. Catalyst Private Investigations is here for our clients to lower this number and put a stop to insurance fraud.

Catalyst Private Investigations also specializes in domestic investigations that include: child custody surveillance, Infidelity and cheating spouse investigations. When the time comes for a divorce, child custody matters very stressful. Catalyst Private Investigations makes our clients feel comfortable during this time of need. When working a domestic case, we work with our clients on narrowing down how a case will be work to budget your money and to give you the best results for your investigation. Before a case is started our team of highly trained investigators will devise a plan to get you the best results. These plans include several background checks, studying the daily activities before a surveillance starts and studying close associates of the subject. Before a case starts with Catalyst Private Investigations, our investigator will go out a check the area to get a good feeling of the case before it starts.
Catalyst Private Investigations sets itself from other private investigation firms. When a case is being worked by one of our investigators, our video evidence is obtained using a tripod. By using a tripod this gives our clients clear, steady video for you evidence when it’s time to go to court.

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