Most commonly asked questions…

Does Catalyst Private Investigations offer domestic/civil investigations?
Yes, Catalyst Private Investigations offers domestic investigations including cheating spouses, child custody, child abuse, and missing persons.
Does Catalyst Private Investigations locate vehicles that are up for repossession?
-Yes, Catalyst Private Investigations has many tools and database programs for locating vehicles that are up for repossession.  We first start off by locating the individual who is the owner of the vehicle and what address the vehicle is registered to.  Once we gather this information, we would check the address that the person owns and the address that the vehicle is registered at to try and locate the vehicle.  If this step is unsuccessful, we would then follow the owner of the vehicle in a discreet manner for a day and see if he brings our investigators to the vehicle.
Does a Private Detective Agency have to carry a certain license to complete a job?
Yes, to do work as a private detective agency in the state of Louisiana the company you hire must carry an agency license.  To see if a private detective agency is a licensed Louisiana investigator, you can visit the Louisiana State Board of Private Investigators at www.LSBPIE.com.
When I hire Catalyst Private Investigations, will an employee of your company do the work?
Yes, when hiring Catalyst Private Investigations for our services, the work is never sub-contracted out.  Each case is handled by an employee of Catalyst Private Investigations.  A lot of other private investigator companies will get the job and sub contract the case to another private investigation firm in the area where the job has to be completed.

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