Should I take the person back? The question my client will ask after receiving the news that their spouse is cheating.  Why, is the question I ask the client.  The client’s response is usually all the same because I love them.  To be blunt with you my answer is simple, they don’t love you.  When a person is cheating, you are old news to them.  The blame could be on you or the cheater.  When a person is cheating they are not only letting you down but you kids and your extended family.

After catching a person cheating and you take them back, do you really want to live your life with if that person is cheating every minute of the day?  If that person goes out of town, will you be comfortable with it?  Will you be calling that person several times a day asking about their whereabouts? Will you be tracking there phone constantly? Will you be hiring private investigators on a regular basis’s to get the answers you need?  These questions usually answer themselves.  To keep it simple with the clients………just move on.  You have one life to live and make the best of it.