Arthur: Michael Newstead

After doing surveillance as a private investigator for several years, one thing I have realized is that cheating seems to be a regular occurrence between married couples. With the divorce rate around 50 percent, private investigators are staying busy doing surveillance on infidelity cases. Hearing the news of another couple cheating isn’t surprising as it used to be. When an individual is in the process of hiring a private investigator, their suspicions are usually true. When we start a surveillance infidelity investigation usually we can tell prior if the person is cheating.
A client will usually ask two questions after an infidelity case is complete: why you think that persons cheated and do you think we can work things out. The answer I provide is always, if I knew why a person cheated I would be a multi-millionaire. Can you work things out, Yes you can until something better comes along for that person?
There is no answer to why people cheat but after my years of doing domestic investigations I have narrowed it down to, social media. Nowadays it is to easy to reconnect with past high school sweethearts and other people through different social media sites. Ever wonder what your high school friend is doing since graduating high school 10 years ago, you will more that likely find that information on scrolling through there Facebook. Reconnecting with old friends and past loves is now simply a click.
After I complete a domestic investigation with the results that the clients subject is cheating, they will always ask….. do you think I can work things out? Yes, you can work things out until that persons finds something better that comes along. Time after time, clients approach me saying well he/she had an affair a couple of years ago and we tried working things out. That’s when that little saying in my head pops up, once a cheater always a cheater. Now don’t get me wrong, there are people who work things out. I then follow up with client with several questions. So, when you got back together did you trust the person every time your spouse wasn’t around you? The clients answer was usually NO. Did you find that you called that person more than often to ask about there location instead of asking them how there day went? Yes, because I didn’t trust the person. Finally did your spouse tell you that they have left the person they got caught cheating with? The answer to this is always a Yes. I call this making a claim on there insurance policy. When one of my clients is immediately looking to work things out and begs for the cheater to get back with them, I look at it as an insurance policy the cheater now has. When the person gets caught cheating and my client is immediately looking to take the person back, that gives the person the green light to always cheat. Now that you planted the seed that you will easily take that person back, they will look at the situation as I have something to fall back on if I ever get caught again. Giving the person insurance that you will take them back no matter what seems to me as not the best thing to do.