Criminal Defense/Expert Witness Testimony

All criminal cases do not require the services of a professional investigator, in those that do, the investigator is one of the most important members of the defense team.  The investigator has several different, but equally important functions in preparing for an effective defense to the government’s charges.  One of the first things that the investigator must do is to verify and validate the investigation conducted by law enforcement officers and agencies.  Far to often, police identify a suspect and then seek to build a prosecutable case against that individual.  In doing this, they sometimes slant information or cast information in the light most harmful to the defendant, ignoring other possible suspects.  A criminal defense investigator will review the police investigation and re-interview witnesses to find changes in their stories and to develop new and independent leads.  Our criminal defense investigators will ensure the police investigation was conducted properly, within the guidelines of the police departments’ policies and the law.  Our investigators give a unique inside look at the investigation, our investigators can read between the lines and know what the police were thinking when they asked certain questions and conducted certain operations. 

Seeking out new and unidentified witnesses is just as vital in preparing the defense case.  These new witnesses often provide information that contradicts the “facts” upon which the prosecution is basing its case.

Having the ability to properly evaluate witnesses both as to their truthfulness and veracity, as well as the image that they will convey to a jury should they be called upon to testify.  This often requires the investigator to learn about each witness in order to discover if there is anything in their personal background and/or their physical or mental condition that can be used effectively either to bolster or attach their testimony.

Our investigators are experienced and proven interviewer’s, having conducted hundreds of interviews, to include those of suspects, witnesses and intelligence gathering and completed both the John E. Reid and associates basic and advanced Interviewing and Interrogation Techniques courses.   Our investigators have experience testifying in civil hearings, depositions and criminal procedures in both state and federal courts at all levels of the judicial process, in multiple jurisdictions.  Our investigators have been qualified in both state and federal courts, on multiple occasions, for both the defense and the prosecution, as an expert witness in narcotic investigations.  Further, our investigators have served as a consultant on a wiretap affidavit.