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As a business owner, you open yourself up to all kinds of risk. Whether it’s fraudulent lawsuits, theft or other malfeasance you need to protect your assets by hiring a private investigator. When you use the services of an experienced baton rouge private investigator you’ll receive a level of protection that will add value to your company. Engaging private investigation services is a proactive way to come out on top in these situations

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Brick and mortar businesses are a hotbed for false personal injury claims. Whether your business is open to the public, or you have employees, there may be times when you’ll be falsely accused of wrongdoing. For instance, if a customer gets injured on your property and claims you’re liable for their medical bills, you may end up in court.

Having a baton rouge private investigator on your side will help disprove their injury claim by gathering facts, and further investigate the claimant. Lawsuits take time and money, and if you lose you’ll be responsible for a hefty sum of cash. Your employees may also file false injury claims or harassment claims. When you have a private investigator on your side it’s more likely that the claimant will drop their fraudulent case.

Background Check

Before you hire a job candidate, it’s precautionary to thoroughly investigate their background. Anyone can claim that they have college degrees, certifications and job experience. However, the applicant may be providing you with fictitious information just to get hired. Background check software and services don’t always catch the details that you need to know. Even criminal background checks aren’t always accurate. Our services will ensure that every fact is verified, so you know you’re hiring the person you think you are.

Theft Investigation

In cases where property, inventory or cash goes missing, then you’ll want a private investigator on the job right away. When you have a suspicion that an employee is stealing from you, it can be hard to prove. You don’t want to file a complaint with the authorities until you have hard proof, because you could open yourself up to a lawsuit. Even if you believe your employees are innocent, it’s wise to rule out internal theft because it’s so prevalent. It’s possible that an outside party has access to your building, and is stealing from you. The longer you go without a private investigator, the more money you’ll lose.

Protection For Key Employees

If you or a high-level employee may be at risk, then private investigations are the way to go. You could hire security personnel, but you need to get to the root of the problem and find out where the threat is coming from. If your CEO or another executive is being harassed, blackmailed or receiving unwelcome emails or phone calls, investigating the source is a smart move. Your business executives are your assets and need to be kept safe from outside sources.

When you have a private investigator on your team you’re taking steps to add a layer of security to your business. It’s an excellent way to keep you and your employees safe, and your company profitable.

Verify Business Relationships

If your business deals with large financial transactions, purchasing or any high-level business transactions, then it’s smart business to have a private investigator check out the companies first. Overseas vendors and business partners should be researched completely before any financial information or industry-specific information is shared. This will safeguard your assets and protect you from fraudulent activity. You’ll be alerted to any unusual history of business transactions the vendor or business associate has on record.

Gianni Ferrari
Gianni Ferrari
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I presented CPI with a very difficult case that required weeks worth of investigating for a citizenship in Central America. After a long battle with the countries government, I obtained my citizenship. I highly recommend them to anyone. In my opinion, there's no greater investigation service out there. Thank you
Max Joubert
Max Joubert
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I hired Catalyst Private Investigations to conduct surveillance during Mardi Gras in New Orleans, La. they found a needle in a haystack and verified my suspicions. They truly are the best
Cooper Wolfe
Cooper Wolfe
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Catalyst PI did an awesome job on my background check I requested. They presented court documents in the final report. This is my 3rd company I hired and they brought to the table what I needed. The best Metairie has to offer.