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Catalyst Private Investigations is one of the leading investigation firms for surveillance, domestic-related investigations and insurance fraud investigations in all of Louisiana and Mississippi. With our licensed private investigators having years of experience, you will feel at ease when hiring Catalyst Private Investigations. There are many times when we end up in situations where we have no one to turn to in a time of need. With nearly 600 private investigation firms in Louisiana, choosing the right firm can be stressful and scary. With Catalyst Private Investigations, we go above the standard requirements by choosing dedicated firm members to get to the bottom of the problems you need to be solved.

With Catalyst Private Investigations successful completing countless numbers of Domestic and Insurance Investigations, we take pride in the evidence we produce. Whether your case involves obtaining stationary surveillance, rural surveillance, marine surveillance or following someone for hundreds of miles, our investigators have what it takes to obtain your evidence. Our investigators have the proper and update to date equipment to stay discreet while working your case. Catalyst Private Investigations has several different surveillance vehicles to blend in on any situation, this gives our team an advantage to get up and personal with the subject who is being investigated. By changing out vehicles on each day of surveillance, this limits our chances of getting burnt by the subject. Catalyst Private Investigations does offer the “two-person approach” when following a subject for long distance or in heavy traffic. When using two people in different vehicles the subject won’t be seeing the same vehicle behind them constantly. When using this approach our investigations have proven better results over the years.

Domestic Investigations

insurance fraud investigationsWhen hiring Catalyst Private Investigations, your case will never be “subbed” out and it will be work by a highly trained employee of Catalyst Private Investigations. While your case is being worked, the owner of Catalyst Private Investigations will keep you updated throughout the case to ensure you are getting the best customer service. When your case is successfully completed with Catalyst Private Investigations, our clients are provided with a detailed report, video evidence on a thumb drive and still shots photos.

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