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Finding the right investigator is important. Our investigators have the proper and update to date equipment to stay discreet while working your case.

Trust us and we’ll get the job done quickly, effectively and affordably.

Private Investigator Metairie
We are team of licensed investigators utilizes advanced equipment and technology to uncover truths and provide peace of mind for clients. With services such as insurance fraud investigations, domestic-related investigations, and undercover operations, Catalyst Private Investigations LLC truly is a leader in the industry.

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When choosing a private investigation agency, Catalyst Private Investigations stands out for their expertise, comprehensive services, confidentiality, cutting-edge technology, results-oriented approach, and client-centric service.

Over Years of Reputable Excellence

We have years of experience providing top-quality investigative services in Louisiana. We’re dedicated to customer services and will do our best until you’re satisfied.

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Our professional Investigators are committed to providing our customers fast, reliable and affordable services.

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We will not be satisfied until you are happy.

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We’re available 24/7 for your emergency needs. Call us at 504-458-8609 to request an immediate help!